​How Do I Place An Order?​

There are several ways to place an order.

1)  Go through the store and select the pre-listed decals, select the color if applicable, quantity and check out.

2)  Go through the Contact US page and send us a message for any custom work, or if you have any question, timelines etc.

3)  Send us an E-Mail with your inquiry at orders@cleancutdecals.com

How Long Does It Take To Ship After I Order?​

We generally will try to ship an item within 5 business days after an order is placed.  

There are some circumstances where the order may take a little longer, but generally no longer than a week.

1)  We are out of the color requested and have to wait on our supplier to ship and us to receive.

2)  We are overwhelmed with orders and take a little longer to get it cut, packages and shipped out.

3)  Equipment issues, though very rare and we have backups, should this happen, we may have delays but we will always notify you ASAP!.

We will try to always let you know if there are any delays.  for the most part, items SHIP well within 3-5 business days.


What can i use in place of the pre-made application fluid?​

1)  Take a small spray bottle.

2)  Mix 1/3 alcohol, 2/3 water.

3)  Add a couple drops of baby shampoo or Blue Dawn dish soap (TYPE WITHOUT ALOE).

The rubbing alcohol will make the liquid evaporate faster  making it easier to remove the application tape.

You will get around 45-60 seconds to move the decal before it sticks.

If you want longer time to adjust location, just fill bottle up with water and add 1-2 drops of Blue Dawn dish soap (TYPE WITHOUT ALOE).

You may need to let the decal sit a bit longer before removing the application tape, but you will have more time to adjust location as needed.

Do you provide any installation instructions?​


Door Sill Installation Video

Charger Marker Installation Video

Wet Installation Guide 


Dry Installation Guide 


Payment & Shipping

We accept PayPal and Credit Cards payments only.  If you go through the store, you can checkout and we will take payment through PayPal, or you can select to pay via Credit Card if you do not have a PayPal account.  

If you need custom work, then we will send you a final invoice once product is ready to ship.


With us, shipping is always FREE!  If you require expedited shipping, a small fee may apply.

Please note:  Items will not ship until payment is made.

Returns & Refunds

No refunds.  Exchanges only if you received defective or incorrect decal(s).  

We will not be held liable for anything over the cost of the purchase itself.

If you require a replacement decal, there may be a nominal fee to cover material and shipping of the replacement piece only!.

Please send an email to orders@cleancutdecals.com if you need any replacements or have questions.



Thank you for shopping with us!